Ping-Pong Table Mapping (#172)

By January 30, 2017Monday Mapping


Ping-Pong Table Mapping

With the right amount of technology and creativity, it seems like truly anything is possible! Every week with Monday Mapping, each example has taken projection mapping to the next level.  Today we’ve featured this super cool video called Pingtime. It’s a ping-pong table transformed into a virtual motion based game. The idea of creating such a unique project came from a group of  Romanian artists by the name of  Sergiu Doroftei, Bogdan Susma, Ion Cotenescu, and Silviu Badea. They transformed this traditional game at an arts and electronic music festival that takes place every spring in Bucharest, Romania.

The tech behind the magic involves the group using sensors in the paddles along with the VVVV mapping toolkit to be able to achieve the fun visuals and sound effects. Additionally, the Pingtime game also synchronizes the movements of the players hands and the balls with digital projections and designs. It doesn’t get any better than this!

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We hope this video will inspire you and help you come up with some transformative ways of your own to incorporate projection mapping in all areas of your life. Enjoy the video and let us know your reactions at our social media pages. FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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