TripleWide Tribute To Mom’s

Do you know what Sunday is? If you don’t you might soon be in trouble. It’s Mother’s Day, and TripleWide Media has got all your Mother’s Day Media. It’s a day to say thanks for hugs given, feasts created, and wounds bandaged. Moms are a seemingly endless reservoir of sound advice and wisdom. So this Sunday let’s say “thanks.” O and is there any better way to express gratitude then with triplewide projection? Flowers, jewelry, chocolate? No way! Motion backgrounds, still images, and countdowns. Well, maybe some chocolates too. Here is some of our favorite Mother’s Day media.

Mother's Day CountdownMother’s Day Countdown by Oneness Videos

Summer Flowers 2Summer Flowers 2 by Kreativity

Firewood and BeesFireweed and Bees by Sky Light Pictures

Dandelion BlankDandelion Blank by Shift Worship

If this doesn’t make your mother happy then I don’t know what will! In all honesty though, go pick up a card, some flowers and hug mom or two. If you decide to use any of TripleWide Media’s Mother’s Day content I hope you will Instagram it and hashtag (#triplewide) so we can all see!

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