Observing Maundy Thursday

By April 4, 2017Easter

Observing Maundy Thursday | TripleWide Media

Observing Maundy Thursday

One of the most recognizable vantage points for Easter is Maundy Thursday. Now, if you’re like me, you didn’t grow up in a really liturgical church setting, so Maundy Thursday itself might be a foreign concept. But, it’s really the Last Supper and observed on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis in many churches as Communion.

This was an opportunity for Jesus to sit down with his closest friends and share a meal together. But, much more than that he outlined the coming days, even with the disciples not understanding his words. Much like passover in Jewish history, the Last Supper, or communion, was a remembrance for the Christian church.

Below are a few visuals to help you convey this message and immerse your congregation in the moment of Maundy Thursday.

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