Nothing New – Using Environmental Projection as a Tool

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Nothing New – Using Environmental Projection as a Tool

There’s an old adage about how nothing is new; that everything has already been created, tested, tried. That all “new” ideas are simply re imaginations of old ideas, technologies, or ventures.

The basic concept and premise of environmental projection is how art, technology, and story combine to create powerful, immersive, sacred environments to reach people in a markedly different way.

“This book is designed to make a case for immersive sacred spaces and our need for visual environments to be seen not as a distraction, but more as an opportunity to invite people into the grand story God has been writing throughout history. I hope to show you the impact they can make, how to utilize modern technology well, and how to be a part of the rebuilding of the creative arts in your congregation or church community.

” – Excerpt From: McElroy, Luke. “Environmental Projection: The Collision of Modern Technology and Sacred Space.

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How do you take your space and transform it into something sacred; into something that will affect lives and tell stories? I would ask you thoughtfully consider environmental projection. Creating immersive, sacred environments is nothing new. When you look at the magnificent cathedrals across Europe or the details behind the temple in the Old Testament there you can see, appreciate, and understand the fact that this concept is indeed nothing new. However, our churches, buildings, and environments are not produced with the same grandeur and awe as before. They are filled with sterile walls, clean lines, bright lights, and modern finishings to reflect the culture in which they reside.

How amazing would it be to take your congregation on a journey to a different world, a different atmosphere; to immerse your community in something bigger than themselves?

If you have ever implemented, experienced, or considered environmental projection, then you understand the amazing tool that it can be. For some it can be a turning point in their walk and for others it can be a major distraction. I urge you to remember and communicate two things if you want to implement it in your space. First, it is a tool. Use it wisely and for the purpose it was created. Second, it really is nothing new. It’s simply using technologies and resources available to us today to communicate stories in a visually immersive manner.

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Telling stories regardless of the platform requires the right content. Here’s a sampling of great options for content. If you’re looking for more, be sure to visit our Series page to see all our textures, cosmos, particles, and more available for environmental projection.


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