Northview Church Creates Immersive Garden of Eden Environment

Today we are going to take a look at one of the coolest stage designs I have ever seen. The team at Northview Church created an incredibly immersive environment and invited the entire congregation into the Garden of Eden. Killer concept! How did the team create this jaw-dropping environment? Shaun Miller, Director of Technical Arts, at Northview Church was kind enough to share a little about an incredible stage design concept.

Garden of Eden
Shaun Miller

Northview is a fast growing, Jesus preaching, high production, multi-site church located outside Indianapolis, Indiana. Our main campus’ three level, 2,075 seat auditorium welcomes over 5,000 attendees each weekend. The production and worship staff consider it a playground where we’re only limited by our own creativity. 

The stage butts up against a giant 30′ x 80′ rear projection screen,that is illuminated by four Christie 16k lumen projectors. Those projectors are fed with content from two Pandora’s Box media servers built by Coolux. This screen helps create an all immersive environment behind the stage. We use it for scenic landscapes, motion backgrounds, and series graphics. For theatrical elements it helps create a scene without physically building one. The luxury of a massive video canvas however doesn’t come without it’s issues. The programming of the servers can take a staff member the better part of a day depending on the complexness of the service (heaven help us if we need a change made on the fly.) Also, a screen this large has a tendency to flex as the air pressure in the auditorium changes. This flexing can cause the center blending to drift causing text to appear blurry. The pros of having the ability to instantly transport the congregation via video drastically out weighs these minor challenges. 

Moving out into the house, we have two large “side screens” used for i-mag, lyrics, and video elements. Two Christie HD 12k projectors light these screens with a pop. The projectors take advantage of Christie’s Warp technology since they hang at steep downward angle from the bottom of our catwalk. These warp cards, allow for the projected image to be adjusted in as small of increments as pixel by pixel.  

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Northview Church
Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden
Thanks for sharing this amazing set-up Shaun! If you’ve got a stage design ideas I hope you’ll send us some pictures and share with us how you did it!
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