New Discovery: ArraySync and ArrayShaker

Thanks to our friend Nicholas Rivero we have discovered a brand new multi-screen app on the Mac App Store that we had share with everyone. It’s called ArraySync and ArrayShaker.


The first app I want to talk about is called ArraySync. It’s a multi-screen networked Quicktime synchronizer that plays multiple video files at the exact same time over a linked network in any sort of array or multi-screen setup.

It’s only $29.99 for the master, and the client is free (this is the slave only software)… which means for $30 you can have 2 or 200 screens synched in perfect timing. Imagine the possibilities. That’s not all – they promise that it works across PCs and Mac’s which means you don’t have to have a mac to make this whole thing work. I’m sure you have a ton of PC’s laying around that you could put to good use.

By harnessing the power of Apple’s Quicktime player, the Mac version of the software can actually “pixel-map” or select the areas of the video file to show on each display. Allowing you to avoid having to chop up and export each and every individual video file.

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Spoken through pictures, here is the essence of ArraySync:


It’s THAT cool! I have to put a disclaimer that no one on our team has tried this app yet. However I’m really excited that there is networking software that doesn’t cost hundreds.

I am also not sure if this is available outside the US.


The second App we want to highlight is ArrayShaker. You can’t do much better than the FREE on the cost side, so it’s definitely worth looking into. It seems to be the sister app to ArraySync, allowing you to chop up a video file into smaller sections.

Lets say you want to build a 9×3 video wall of TV’s (or iPads). You will want to use a program like this so you don’t have to manually crop and chop each video file. Just set the number of horizontal and vertical crops and you’re done!

When used in conjunction with the ArraySync, you can harness the power of multi-screen with a $30 on a PC too. Check out some of the pics below for what we’re talking about.

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If you have used one of these programs… leave us a comment and let us know what you think about them!

I can imagine that many of you would find benefit to software like this. It’s no TripleHead2Go, but if nothing else, it could be an easy way to chop up videos for display back on something like iPads or smaller displays that don’t have pixel mapping built in.

For more information on all of these softwares, just search “ArrayShaker” or “ArraySync” on the Mac App Store. You can also check out for detailed information on the PC solutions.

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