Nativity and Bethlehem Content for Christmas

Nativity and Bethlehem Content for Christmas


As you prepare for your Christmas Services, you may find yourself looking for motions or stills that fall into the Nativity or Bethlehem themes. We have got the Best Christmas Media and great Nativity and Bethlehem Content for Christmas right here at TripleWide Media.

Regardless of whether you’re running a single screen or a massive environmental projection setup, the media you’ll find from the TripleWide Media producers will set the scene perfectly.

Below, you’ll find a sampling of Nativity and Bethlehem Content for Christmas. Some are simple, yet poignant reminders of the season while others are modern adaptations of the Nativity setting.


Nativity Motions

Star of David 3Playback MediaStar of David 3 | TripleWide Media

NativityOverflow Media GroupNativity | TripleWide Media

Nativity SceneOverflow Media GroupChristmas Nativity 1 | TripleWide Media

Nativity DrawingShift WorshipNativity Drawing | TripleWide Media

Nativity SceneOneness VideosNativity Scene | TripleWide Media


Nativity Stills

O Night DivineSimply StillO Night Divine | TripleWide Media

Golden Nativity SilhouetteSimply StillGolden Nativity Silhouette

A Child is Born NativitySimple StillA Child is Born Nativity | TripleWide Media

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Nativity SceneSimply StillNativity Scene | TripleWide Media

Mary and ChildSimply StillMary and Child | TripleWide Media


Bethlehem Motions

BethlehemPixel Girl MediaBethlehem | TripleWide Media

Christmas Sky 03Centerline New MediaChristmas Sky 03 | TripleWide Media

Holy Night – Shift WorshipHoly Night | TripleWide Media

Bethlehem Large Star SkyLife Scribe MediaBethlehem Large Star Sky | TripleWide Media

Bethlehem City StarChurch Motion GraphicsBethlehem City Star | TripleWide Media


Bethlehem Stills

Bethlehem at NightVisual WorshiperBethlehem at Night | TripleWide Media

Bethlehem SilhouetteSimply StillBethlehem Silhouette | TripleWide Media

Christmas CityPlayback MediaChristmas City | TripleWide Media

Christmas Night Bethlehem StillShift WorshipChristmas Night Bethlehem Still | TripleWide Media

Nativity Scape – Magi and Star – Kenneth KeiferNativity Scape - Magi and Star | TripleWide Media


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