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We’ve talked about building a screen, multiscreen with 11 screens, the original multiscreen and many more ways to skin the design or execution of multiscreen setups before on this blog… but the other day Tim and I were talking about how you can create a setup using multiscreen without the screen! What a crazy idea.

So here are a few ways you can mmentnsider using TripleWide Media or Multiscreen designs without investing in physical screen material or making you own.


1. Project onto props.


A little bit like projection mapping, but what would it look like to project onto the actual set design of your stage. This could include styrafoam letters like the Atlanta Falcons did through our friends at Orchestrate, or project onto palette wood like this Monday Mapping a while back. Regardless of what you’re set is, how can projection and high contract VJ content make it come to life, adding an additional layer of depth and detail?

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2. Project onto the walls.


Arborlawn UMC- Ft Worth TX - After

Similar to projecting onto props, another way to do multiscreen without the screen would be to use the wall as you screen surface. Our good friend Camron Ware did a setup a while back with Ultra Short throw projectors and the edge blending module from ProPresenter to create an ultra wide wall in the back of a church stage, without using a single screen. He just utilized their back wall. It’s like a miniature version of Environmental Projection, but with an ultra wide multiscreen setup instead.


3. Project onto people.


The first time I saw this was when my friend Stephen Proctor did it on a special event with Gungor (above video). I wouldn’t recommend doing this all the time, but for a special effect it has some great potential. People, if they wear white or brighter colors, become a screen in many ways. Maybe it’s a choir you’ve got to work with, well project a candle on each of them to help them see that we’re all flame barriers of the burning fire that is Jesus Christ!

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Point is that anything that is white or a lighter completion can become something to project onto. Lets start thinking outside the box and see where we can project multiscreen without the screen!


What are creative and fun ways you’ve thought of using multiscreen media in your environments? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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