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We talk about projection around TripleWide Media a lot… particularly environmental projection and projection mapping, but there is another way to create an immersive visual element in your events… LED or what the more technical geeks on our community know to mean Light Emitting Diode.

For the longest time, LED was far out of reach for most people’s budgets, reserved for only the highest end of the industry’s events. However that has changed, and we didn’t sacrifice quality like some expected. Today, you can rent LED for a lot less than you think, but more surprisingly is that you can purchase some LED products and not spend millions of dollars in the process.

We thought it would be fun to show you a few examples of LED in use at various events to give you a few ideas of the impact it can make. However we wanted to make sure we weren’t showing you some high end expensive product either. I want to introduce you to PixelFlex. They make a curtain based LED product that is high quality and low cost. I’ve used it myself a few times and have been impressed with the impact it has on an event.

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The thing to know about LED is the resolution, identified by the distance between each pixel. PixelFlex has options from 100mm (which is a lot like a fiber optic curtain) all the way to 18mm (their highest resolution product in their curtain line). The curtain fabric is incredible because of it’s ability to pack easily, you can curve the LED (seen below in a few pictures) and you don’t have to have nearly the amount of rigging support to hang these light weight LED sections.

Here’s a look at some of the incredible impact LED can make on an event:

Multiscreen LED video wall - LED Curtain

Multiscreen LED video wall - LED Curtain

LED Curtain Multiscreen Wall - Pixel Flex

LED Multiscreen Video Wall - Pixel Flex


Check out some of PixelFlex’s other photos of events and project’s they’ve been a part of to get a few more creative ideas. LED is absolutely something to consider when designing multiscreen stage layouts. The possibilities are endless and you’re video screen’s don’t have to be flat anymore!

What Content Looks Best in LED?

When it comes to putting the best content on LED, there’s one thing to keep in mind… contrast. The higher the contrast, the better the piece of media is going to look on screen. The reason for this is how an LED works. In order for an image to be displayed, the tiny “light” has to be on. Of course it can be dimmed, but an LED’s dimming curve isn’t nearly as good as the curve of a regular light bulb. Therefore, when you have subtle grey’s, they sometimes appear as grainy because of the lack of contrast the LED wall can create. Here are a few pieces of content that would work well in the context of LED:

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