A Multiscreen Children’s Christmas

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A Multiscreen Childrens Christmas | TripleWide Media


A Multiscreen Childrens Christmas


A multiscreen children’s Christmas? Really? Trust me, it’s worth the time!


What do you do for your Children’s services and events? Do you ever get an idea that seems maybe a little too far outside the box for your regular services?


Children’s Christmas services are great opportunities to push the envelope and really have some fun thinking outside the box. Children get excited about being creative. They are simply more free to express themselves without feeling and being examined and criticized. Take this as an opportunity to see what your children’s ministry wants to accomplish and be creative in how you get there.


Children’s events are a great opportunity to try creative ideas before you take them to the main service. While I don’t advocate making your children’s events a complete testing opportunity, there’s freedom there that you probably don’t feel in your other services. Always remember to keep excellence as a priority!


So, what are some creative ideas for a multiscreen children’s Christmas?

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3 ideas for a Multiscreen Children’s Christmas!


1. Projection Mapping

Have you been itching to try projection mapping? Using chloroplast, shower curtains, or pallets, create shapes, structures, and more to projection map onto. This will create a unique environment that the kids will love and give you the opportunity to learn a new skill.


2. Edge Blending

Edge Blending a giant screen is not the easiest task, but the effect, when done right, is simply amazing. You can use a giant screen as a digital set piece to create amazing environments for children’s worship services and Christmas plays.


3. TV’s and LED

TV’s and LED walls can be challenging to work with the first time. Content on LED screens (especially lower resolution screens) needs to be high contrast and more abstract in nature. TV’s can be tricky to get setup right if you don’t have all the proper processors. However, they both can be great tools to learn to use well. TV’s can be used for illustrations, simple triple wide walls behind your speaker, musicians, etc. or even combined in a massive setting for a giant wall.

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LED walls provide intense light that can break through even the brightest rooms or stage lights. However, the content can be rough if it has a lot of gradients.


Content for a Multiscreen Children’s Christmas

Ok, so the big question now is what content will work? Does it have to be kid specific? Do animated characters have to bounce around the screen? In short, no. I feel like there is a ton of media right here at TripleWide Media that you can use. They might not be specific to children’s ministries or productions. But, what are they?


Christmas Tree Cutouts | TripleWide Media Christmas Town | TripleWide Media Snowman | TripleWide Media

Animated Christmas Snow Globe Scene | TripleWide Media 3D Snowmen On Ice | TripleWide Media Xmas Fall | TripleWide Media

Christmas Lights 7 | TripleWide Media North Pole | TripleWide Media Presents | TripleWide Media


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