How Big Stuf Camps uses TV’s to Create Multi-Screen Video Wall

Every Summer there are literally thousands of events going on in the youth ministry world. One of my personal favorite memories of summer youth ministry was going to beach camp every year. Traveling with some of your closest friends, hanging out at the pool (with the required belly flop contests of course), playing volleyball on the beach, body surfing the waves and getting some peace and quite on the shores of Panama City Beach, FL.

When I ask people about similar memories we quickly realize that my experience at a camp called BigStuf was a bit different than most. My friends share of an experience with a no production during their services. They share about small hotel rooms where they would gather to do a bible study and overall the entire “camp” experience was a “get-a-way” experience without technology. That’s not exactly what BigStuf Camps is all about.

They infuse the peaceful beauty of Panama City Beach and visually enhanced worship. For years, BigStuf has been pushing the envelope with what you can do to create a “wall” of visuals. They want to create an experience, something we have talked about numerous times on this blog.

To give you a snapshot of what they “typically” do… this is the BigStuf Camps set for 2006:

It was a video wall with 27x 42″ plasmas. Each one hung on a stick of truss that could be moved side to side. All powered with Renewed Vision’s ProVideoPlayer and the Matrox’ TripleHead2Go.

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I haven’t been able to get down there yet to snap some pictures or even see the set this summer, but I expect nothing but creativity and innovation when I see it. I was able to check it out last year and grab some pics. Take a look at what BigStuf Camps did last summer:

This was an unbelievable set, in person and in pictures. All in all they used 35 plasmas to pull the whole set off. Benjamin James Design was one of the key players in making this design happen in cordination with the rest of the BigStuf Camps team. I encourage you to check out his site and blog!

He describes in a post specifically about the BigStuf design:

I originally wanted a sphere of video in the center of the stage using both plasmas and LED net, but renting LED net for 10 weeks is a little out of the question. Our thoughts then turned to how to make plasmas appear spherical. We designed a framing system of t-bars that attached to 13′ truss…. The t-bars were offset 6″, 1’6″, and 2’6″ off the truss… To the spherical shape [we] fabricated crescents covered in mylar in between and on the outside of the rows of tvs. The crescents really rounded out the shape of the sphere and also caused a semi-kaleidescopic effect with the center video…pretty cool.

Pretty cool indeed. As you can tell through the pictures, there is a great deal of intentionality in this design. They used three different TV sizes to further amplify a “vanishing” effect. Using 42″, 50″, and 58″ televisions, they were able to make the sphere look rounded and the side wings seem to appear very three dimensional.

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Here is the Google Sketchup that Benjamin James posted:

It’s is really neat that a camp is pushing the envelope with creativity and innovation like them and I know they are an inspiration to many ministries around the world. They’re not using incredibly complex and expensive technology (except that they are buying 35 televisions), and in the end they are creating unbelievable environments for more than 10,000 students to engage with each week in Panama City Beach. If you’re near Panama City this summer, go by and say hello!

If you have a cool setup from a summer camp, send us some details and pictures to questions[at]triplewidemedia[dot]com. We would LOVE to share your multi-screen setups and designs with our community.

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