Multi-Screen Set-up and Design Ideas From the TWM Community (#3)

Today’s multi-screen design idea comes to us from Jay Bowser of SouthBrook Christian Church in Miamisburg, Ohio. This creative set-up is what Jay is calling a load-bearing triple wide. As you can see the drums, keyboard, and bass are all on a platform supporting the musicians and the screen. Incredibly, this impressive set-up was done on a budget, and I hope it inspires you to find creative and cost-effective ways to create compelling environments. Thanks for sharing with the class Jay; how about a round of applause? Seriously clap those hands people!

Load Bearing Triple Wide

Bright Squares 03 by Centerline New Media 

How’s They Do It?

I’d say that’s a fair question. Let’s start with the platform, which is made of trussing. Cross beams were laid on top of the trussing and risers were placed on top of that. There are also 2 braces supporting the middle of the platform. Underneath the platform are 3 Panasonic projectors of 10,000 lumens. Because the middle projector has a different lens, it is situated closer to the screen (as you can see in the picture below). How resourceful! Impressively, the team was still able to get a good edge blend with the projector being in a different location.

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3 Projectors

How about the triple wide screen itself? According to Jay, the screen is “just some white material we had in storage that we stretched really tight and stapled to a frame.” Seriously? Look at the screen. It looks awesome. Maybe adding additional screens or going triple wide is a less expensive endeavor than you had previously all imagined.

Triple Wide Screen

 Circle Lines by Igniter Media 

I hope this creative and thrifty set-up has you thinking of cost-effective way to redesign and reimagine your space. By the way, we love sharing your ideas and pictures, so send a few our way why don’t you? For more ideas from the TripleWide community check out triple-wide examples & set-ups.

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