Multi-Screen Set-up and Design Ideas From the TWM Community (#2)

Today we get to feature an environmental projection first-timer! If you have assumed that multi-screen set-ups and environmental projection will forever be out of reach, then take a look at what our friends at Ginghamsburg Church recently put together. Dan Bracken of Ginghamsburg was awesome enough to send us a video walking us through their process and production.

And now for the nuts and bolts:

“The sidewall projections were done with an iMac running ProPresenter out via a Display Port adapter to a Matrox DualHead2Go DP with a resolution of 720×2560 through two rented Panasonic PT-D12000U projectors. For the center screen (normal weekend set-up) we use an iMac running ProPresenter, as well as multiple cameras, switched via a GV Indigo. The two systems (outside screens and inside screen) were not attached to one another in any way. All timing of videos was done via cues from the director, and each iMac had it’s own operator.”

Ginghamsburg Church

A big pat on the back goes out to Dan Bracken and the good folks over at Ginghamsburg Church. I’d say their first time using environmental projection was a huge success! Whether you are using one screen or thirty; we hope you’ll experiment with new designs and ideas. As you try new things don’t forget to send pictures and let us know how we can help!

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