6 Motions to Transition your Church to Environmental Projection

Motions to Transition your Church to Environmental Projection | TripleWide Media6 Motions to Transition your Church to Environmental Projection

Taking the plunge into motions for environmental projection can be a big step. We want to help you find the right motions to transition your church to environmental projection so you can have some great success. If you haven’t started with EP yet, you should check out this article on starting EP with simple stills.

So, how do we choose great motions for EP? There are a few things we look for when choosing motions. Of course we always start with story, ensure lighting and video match, and spend the time to consider the environment we’re trying to create. We always want to help you get the media you need quickly.

Here are 6 great motion to add energy to your Environmental Projection setup.

Blue Vortex – Playback Media

Blue Vortex | TripleWide Media

Sunlight Through Forest Trees 2 – Cloudfire Creative

Sunlight Through Forest Trees 2 | TripleWide Media

Easter Sky Blank – Shift Worship

Easter Sy Blank | TripleWide Media

Helix Nebula – MotionLoops LLC

Helix Nebula | TripleWide Media

Delorean – Dan Stevers

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Delorean | TripleWide Media

Lights Above – Motions.Pro

Lights Above | TripleWide Media

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