Motion Backgrounds: More than Speed and Style

Motion Backgrounds: More than Speed and Style

One of the core tenets of TripleWide Media is providing great media for multiscreen, environmental projection, pixel mapping and stage design. The motion graphics available on the site range from virtually every conceivable style, speed, and color you could want. With nearly 14,000 unique motion backgrounds on the site, it can be a challenge to choose just the right one for your event.

Going beyond filters and keywords, what should you look for when choosing a motion? We believe there are 5 key areas to consider when choosing a motion. Let’s dive into those below.


Always start with story. Now, this doesn’t always mean you need to have a huge message to share, but there has to be some sort of story, theme, message, or direction you want to go. If you can identify that message, you can get rid of a ton of options that don’t flow with that message. There is something special, especially during the Christmas season that we are about to enter into, where you can be more on point in choosing a motion that puts you in a specific environment. Whether that’s in the town of Bethlehem, under a starry sky, or a snowy forest, take the opportunity to take your audience with you in the story you are telling.


The second key to choosing the right motion is to consider your environment. This is where speed and composition will both come into play big time. Motions that will be used for environmental projection can and should differ from those used on an LED wall or those used on a smaller format. Always remember that sizes enhances speed. Subtle motions work great with environmental projection but don’t always translate well in other setups. If you have been intentional with creating a great environment, then don’t forget to be intentional about choosing motions that enhance and don’t detract from that environment.

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If there is one rule I try to always follow when choosing a motion is to start with simplicity in mind. This is even more the case if you will have lyrics on top of your motions. You want to enable your congregation to be able to read and sing along easily. The busier the motion, the harder it can be to read those lyrics. Again, consider speed as an element to simplicity. Even a simple motion can be distracting when the speed doesn’t match the tone of the moment.


If you are able to control your lighting (hue, brightness, location, etc.) then you’re already in a great place when choosing motions for your service. However, if you are in a room with more ambient light and less control, then you need to carefully consider the color and overall contrast of your motions. Higher contrast motions enable you to get a bit more pop on your screens/walls than lower contrast motions. This is especially important if you’re running environmental projection in a room with ambient light you can’t control. At the end of the day, you may have to adjust your setup/design if you can’t get enough pop on your screen surface. A dim video setup is as distracting as a bad video setup.

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Have you ever thought about how you transition your media from one song to the next? There is a lot of focus around how to transition between songs on a musical level, but how does that translate to your motions? Do you just turn one of and the next one on? Do you cross fade from one to the other? Do you have a still as an in between? If you are using motions in your environment (especially on a large scale like environmental projection) than you know how visually oriented people are in the environments we create. Be intentional when choosing how to transition your motions, especially between songs. Consider the speed of both motions, the colors, and the composition to determine how best, in your environment, to make the transition. Don’t leave people feeling lost or confused. Take them on a journey visually as well as musically and lyrically.

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