More Pixels. More Possibilities.

More Pixels. More Possibilities.

It seems like every day we see a picture on Instagram with a crazy new setup using a bunch of LED or projection to create a dazzling environment. In order to determine how to utilize these creative setups, you need to know how many pixels you need to make it work. Let’s take a look at how “More Pixels. More Possibilities.” can work for you.

Every time you put a motion up on your screens, you are assigning individuals pixels to a spot on your screen. The number of pixels versus the size of your screen determine the clarity and quality of what your end result will be. Therefore, the more pixels you have, the more possibilities you unlock.

Creative Examples

So, what’s better than having more pixels? How about multiple options for download. With each HD Enhanced product at TripleWide Media you get 7 unique files to download. That gives you a total of 9,445,800 pixels to work with. Giving you 4.5 times more pixels for mapping than a single 1920*1080 file.

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Think about what you could do with that many pixels? Map every screen with precision. Keep your media from being warped or stretched to achieve your results. Spend less time worrying about pixels and more time creating something new.

Ready to Do More?

With a library of nearly 1200 products in HD TripleWide Enhanced, your possibilities are endless. From abstract shapes and VJ elements, to stunning footage and cosmos clips that make you reach for the stars, the library is full of all the creative elements you need for your next event. Click the button below to get add more pixels and more possibilities to your sets.



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