Monday Mapping #15 & Behind the Scenes

By September 17, 2012Monday Mapping

This weeks Monday Mapping was a no brainer! We had an incredible number of people hit us up on email, twitter, facebook and even some of my closest friends texted me (not going to link to that). I love it! So for all of you who let us know about this killer new music video, thank you. This one’s for you.

A Belgium Band makes a big splash with this creative music video using projection mapping. Everything you see here is projected. They’re using a wide array of content and specific camera angles to distort reality. Projection has gone to a whole new level and I love that bands are embracing this creativity in order to tell a better story.

Because so many people passed this along, we decided to dig up the next video and give you a behind the scenes look at how they made this! Hope this gives you some monday inspiration as monday mapping should! It’s not in english for the most part, but you can still see how they did some of the scenes:

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*Please be aware there is an F-bomb at 2:45. Please watch carefully.

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