Media for Light of the World

"Light of the World"

Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman

Media for Light of the World captures the heartbeat of this song. Speaking to the coming King and how many will see but not understand. How many will hear the message but lose the meaning. We have curated 12 motions to help you visualize and celebrate this story.

Media for "Light of the World"

Media for Light of the World

Ok, I’ll admit it, the Chris Tomlin album, Glory in the Highest is one of my favorites for Christmas. I am not a big fan of “new Christmas” songs very often, but this album really spoke to me. Each and every song captured the spirit of Christmas while helping congregations join in singing these songs together. “Light of the World” speaks the coming King and how many wouldn’t understand the meaning and power of his life here on Earth. But in the end, his Light would shine beyond our understanding.

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Here are the lyrics, and you’ll see why we chose this selection of Media for Light of the World.

Oh Jesus, son of God, so full of grace and truth
The Father’s saving word, so wonderful are You
The angels longed to see and prophets searched to find
The glory we have seen revealed
You shone upon the Earth but who will understand?
You came unto Your own but who will recognize?
Your birth was prophesied, for You were the Messiah
Who came and walked upon the Earth
Your glory we have seen, the one and only King
And now You’re living in our hearts

[Chorus 1]
Light of the world, light of the world
Light of the world, You shine upon us
Light of the world, light of the world
Light of the world, You shine upon us

In You all things were made and nothing without You
In Heaven and on Earth all things are held in You

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[Chorus 2]
And yet You became flesh, living as one of us
Under the shadow of the cross
Where, through the blood You shed
You have made peace again
Peace for the world that God so loves

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