Maroon 5 & A Massive Multi-screen Video Wall

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When it comes to pop tour’s around the globe, there are a few that are making a tremendous splash with larger than life video walls that create a virtual reality for musicians and performers. We’ve showcased some of those performers here on the TripleWide Media Blog with Madonna, Andrelli Bocellis, The oscars and Hillsong United, however today we add one more to the list: Maroon 5.

They have taken the Multi-screen video wall to the next level with this nearly 90 foot wide LED video wall. The aspect ratio is actually very close to the triple wide stock footage and motion backgrounds we provide at TripleWide Media. Being a multi-screen wall of this size, they are able to completely transform the background of their performance stage and take their audience all around the world through a variety of different pieces of video background or media elements. Take a look at some of the pictures: 

Maroon 5 Multi-screen Video Wall

Maroon 5 Multi-screen Video Wall

Maroon 5 Multi-screen Video Wall


For those interested in the technical specs here is the massive multi-screen wall by the numbers:

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The tour was able to utilize video to create a nearly immersive visual presence and bring people into the music and atmosphere. From a high rise in New York City to an american flag with fake pyrotechnic effects for the cover image we show, Maroon 5 has taken Multi-screen video to a whole new level.

Not only was there a wall of video, but all of the band’s risers had video elements in front of them to allow for a greater effect.  Check out this video for a glance of what the video wall & stage looked like in action:


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