Marcus Pointe Baptist Goes TripleWide!

I recently saw some twitter pictures of this incredible stage layout from Marcus Pointe Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL and asked Chris Barr if he would mind sharing some insights on their design and shed some light on the technology they used. He shared with me a wealth of information. Here is what he sent us:

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Several months ago at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church we came to the realization that our old projection system just wasn’t cutting it.  Our Christie projectors were getting dim, and that particular model wasn’t even being made any more.  If any parts ever broke, we would be out of luck.  It consisted of two EIKI rear-projection 4:3 screens which both displayed the same image.  It suited our needs in the past, but we knew we needed an upgrade to something more modern since we were beginning to produce videos in HD now.

After much thought and prayer we decided to go ahead and do the upgrade.  To our own horror, the week that our screens were being installed, the building was struck by lighting which killed our aging audio and lighting systems! After rushing to get some temporary rental equipment we were later blessed to find that our costs would be covered by insurance.  We were able to use that money to purchase completely up to date systems across the board!

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Our new video system consists of 3 distinct screens, each one measuring 24’ X 13’. The side screens are Da-Lite Snapons, and the center screen is a Da-Lite Professional Tensioned Electrol.  One key feature of the center screen is it’s ability to be optionally be rolled up into the ceiling to reveal our baptistry behind it.   We did have to make some custom graphics to fade the center projector to black when the screen is rolled up; this way we aren’t projecting anything on top of anyone getting baptized, this would be environmental projection gone wrong!  At first some found it odd that we don’t have one ultra-wide screen using edge blending, but we’ve all come to like our setup quite a bit.  It’s not something we’ve seen anywhere else yet, and it gives us a lot of flexibility with videos and all our other needs so far.

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Back in our media booth in the balcony we have three Panasonic PT-DW8300 projectors (9600 lumens each) with Panasonic ET-D75LE30 lenses, which help us make the 100′ foot throw to the stage.  Song lyrics and videos on the screens are all run from a 20” iMac running ProPresenter 4 with the multi-screen module and a Matrox TripleHead2Go DVI splitter.  The final output to the screens from the iMac is 3840×720.  Typically we display logos on the center screen and lyrics, titles, & sermon notes on the side screens.

The video feed for center screen is run through a Panasonic AV-HS410 video mixer. This allows us to switch the screen source between the feed from ProPresenter, or from any one of our HD cameras.  Currently we only video our more traditional first service, and are waiting on camera repairs (also struck by lightning), so we aren’t using this feature to it’s full potential just yet.

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Our lighting system is run by a Mac Mini & an LSC Clarity lighting console.  We have 4 moving lights and several MegaBars behind some stretched spandex over 2 wide rectangles and 3 smaller squares towards the back of the stage.  We also have 6 “light columns” with a single LED light in the bottom of each.

All of this, combined with the screens allows us to have an incredible amount of flexibility for any occasion. Recently Governor Mike Huckabee came to speak at Marcus Pointe and we were able to provide a very patriotic stage presence for the Governor!


Here is a glimpse from worship where you can see the screens being used:



Wow! Thanks Chris for all the incredible detail on this setup. I am a big fan of the flexibility they have on their center screen. Benefiting from the triple wide canvas and using images that span across the entire stage, but also being able to turn their setup into a traditional 2-screens setup when needed (during baptisms etc).

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