Lyrical Dance Projection Mapping (#179)


Lyrical Dance Projection Mapping (#179)

Dancing and bodily motion connected with projection mapping is something that many people have incorporated into their productions in the past. But the thing with creativity is that there doesn’t have to be a totally new concept for something to be great. Each creative individual brings a new dimension to the world of projection mapping. Which is why our Monday Mapping blogs exist to showcase these different dynamics of creativity.

The man behind this magnificent projection mapping project is Marcus Rhoads. Mr. Rhoads is the senior video producer at Northland Church in the state of Florida. He was inspired to create this piece based on another production he had seen about heaven coming to earth. He spent a total of 50 hours on this project animating 6,420 frames by hand. With many hours of rehearsals with the designated dancers, Rhoads was able to produce and epic visual that expresses the power of the Holy Spirit. Check out an interview he did to get more of the breakdown behind this work.


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