Look Who’s Turning 3!

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We need your help! We are celebrating TripleWide Media’s 3rd birthday next week and we can’t do it without you.

If you saw last year’s birthday spectacular then you know you’ve got to be a part of this year’s festivities!

Here’s what we need:

1. Send us a few, a ton, all of your pictures of you using TripleWide Media content. They can be from your phone, camera or whatever. We’ll even take instagram links.

2. Help us get the word out about getting pictures. We want a ton of pictures. If you can, help us out in any way!

3. Stay connected to twitter, email and our site next week.

It’s that simple. Reply to this email or send them to questions@triplewidemedia.com


Thanks for being a part of this amazing community!

Fueling the Movement,


Tim Southwick

Author Tim Southwick

Tim is the Brand Manager for TripleWide Media. He has 10 years experience in the event management world and has a strong desire to see visuals and media used to increase the user experience.

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