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What in the world do you put in your Video or Lighting tool box, gig bag, workbox or whatever you call your Pelican full of gadgets and gizmos designed to help you in live event across the world. Being that TripleWide Media is becoming the leader in live event stock media, we want to help you discover some pieces of technology to throw into your toolkit. Today we look at:

Display / Video Adapters for your Laptop

Live Events Video Adapters - Mini Display, etx.

There are four main adapters we recommend any live event lighting or video guy/girl always carry with them:

  • USB to DVI (or USB to VGA) 
  • Mini Display Port to DVI
  • Mini Display Port to VGA
  • Mini Display Port to HDMI

You can buy all of those through our store for a slight discount off what Apple Adapters are… Click here to do that.

With these adapters, we are able to make a video out of our laptops work with almost any system. The one that’s a bit of a curveball is the USB to DVI. Some presentation softwares have separate whole outputs for these sort of outputs. Regardless, this will allow for another video output to take place using one of your USB ports. Need simple presenter prompter with plain text or want to have a clock that runs? Try one of these “Stage display” adapters as we call them.


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TripleWide Media wants to help you out with your next Live Event by helping you find media that will create an atmosphere. No matter if it’s single, double or triple wide setups, we’re ready to help all of your multiscreen applications for one low price (and we’ll throw in all three sizes for free!)

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