We at TripleWide Media are helping to fill you up with tools of the trade. We love live events and are the only site really devoted entirely to fueling the live events stock media industry, so we’re going through various gadgets and gizmos we think you should have in your toolbox. Today we take a look at a very unique one designed for lighting designers:

Live Event Tool - Vizear SoundPlug DMX Tool

Vizear’s SoundPlug for Live Event Lighting Designers

It’s designed to be plugged into any XLR cable to identify if it’s working or not… but I’ve found that it is best for testing DMX signals. Any lighting designer knows that DMX can sometimes be the bain of your existence. All you have to do is attach this to the end of your dmx line (or anywhere in the middle) and if you hear a high pitch chirping sound, you’re good to go. If it’s silent, there’s nothing coming into your line and you’ll need to check somewhere closer to your source.

It’s only $40 and can make testing the infinite line of DMX a lot easier. I’ve used it numerous times to identify a bad cable without getting out a complex cable tester. Huge thanks to my friend Steve for showing me this nearly 10 years ago.

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Remember – it was originally made for audio people, but they sell a 3-pin to 5-pin adapter which means they know what lighting guys have started doing with it!

I’ve got one… and I recommend you picking up the orange one (but we’re biased).  Click here to check this live event tool out.

We at TripleWide Media want to help you become better at Live Event video production or Lighting design. It’s why we have the largest library of stock media fully devoted to the live event industry. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

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