We’re filling your toolbox, gig bag or touring workbox this summer with TripleWide Media’s Live Event Tools series. Today we shift our focus onto a tool that will allow the audio team to appreciate you. Don’t make the FOH guy figure out how to get audio out of your computer… because if it sounds remotely bad, you know that they’ll give you crap for eternity. And probably rightfully so. Today we look at:

Live Events Video audio direct box - PCDI

Radial PCDI Live Events Audio Direct Box for your Computer.

We’ve worked so many events before where the audio team gets mad because they have to have some series of “janky” connectors just to get our 1/8″ computer audio output into an XLR cable that we decided to pick one of these little guys up. It’s a must have for anyone in live event video production and easily fits into your Pelican 1510. 

It’s only about $200 and will make any great audio guy appreciate you more. Reduce the hum, balance the audio and make everything cleaner when it outputs your computer. We also recommend picking up an 1/8″ TRS to RCA cable so that you can just ask audio for the XLR cables to get to their console.

Throw one of these in your Live Events Workbox or Tool kit and you’ll be better off for it. Click here to purchase. 

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To check out the other posts in this series click here. We love Live Events and want to do whatever we can to help provide you with the best stock media available. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!

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