If you’re in the live events production world, you know that having the right tools in your toolbox or workbox are critical. This is why we’re taking the time over the next few weeks to highlight some of the must have’s in any live event production setting. Today we cover:

Projection Lens Calculator for Live Events

When you don’t know the right lens to use for your event, you’re taking a HUGE risk that you won’t fill the screen correctly. You’ll either over shoot and have to loose quality (and brightness) in order to scale down your image or you’ll undershoot and not be able to make your image go from edge to edge. This is why having a projection lens calculator is a really important deal.

Here’s the basic projection lens formula:

Lens = Throw Distance ÷ Screen/Image Width


However, we recommend just grabbing your iPhone (or other smart phone) and grabbing one of the many projection apps. Here are our favorites:

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Projection Screen & Lens Calculator  On the iPhone, you can check out this app. Make sure to know if your projector is HD or SD Native (and use that as it’s setting). Even if you’re using an SD aspect ratio, if you’re projector is HD, then you need to make your calculations based on HD.It’s completely free and extremely easy to use. Go ahead and download it so you’re not caught empty-handed at the next load in of your event.Download the app here on the iTunes store.


Google Play - Projectionist  If you’re on the Android platform, you will want to check this app out. It’s called Projectionist and has a great built in projection lens calculator that will work with almost every projectorThis app may cost $5.00 however it will also help you with the overlap and alignment math for edge blending in your live event setting.Download the app here on the Google Play.


If you don’t have the ability to grab one of these two apps, there’s a wealth of projection lens calculators online. Find the brand of projector you have and try looking on their website. It’s a very handy tool to have in any live event setting.

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When you have the great stock media you get from TripleWide Media, we want to make sure that it is just as stunning once the event lights go down, than it is on your computer screen during the planning phase.


We at TripleWide Media want to help invest in the world of Live Events. Make sure to check out our content library to find the best stock media and video content available to any live event setting.



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