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If you’ve been tracking with us, you’ve seen that we have recently been focused on helping you get the most out of your live events by providing you with tools and equipment that we think are necessary to be in a workbox or toolkit. We’re calling it Live Events Toolkit and you can check all the posts out here. For today’s we asked renown lighting designer and good friend of TripleWide Media, Chris Lisle, what the single most important tool in his toolbox was and this is what he recommended:

Voltage Meter for Live Event Lighting Designers

Live Events Video Adapters - Multimeter

Let me put it this way: Electricity kills! Before you plug that 120v projector into a 240v outlet, measure it. This isn’t a workbox tool that is just for electricians, but anyone who deals with power, dimmers, amplifiers, etc. 

We like this one because of the price and the reliability of it. IT’s only $38 and it will last a while. This is much better than some of the other electrical meters that cost a heck of a lot more. Click here to purchase. 


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We at TripleWide Media want to help invest in the world of Live Events. Make sure to check out our content library to find the best stock media and video content available to any live event setting. Also click here to see the rest of the items in the Live Events Toolbox.

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