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Over the next few weeks we are going to feature some of the best tools in the industry of live events that are designed to be great additions to any tool kit or workbox. We’re calling it the Live Events Toolbox! Today we focus on the:

Datapath X4 – Live Events Multiscreen Processor

Live Event Tools - Datapath X4 Multiscreen Processor

In short, this is a magical box that will take a single video card output from your Mac or PC and divide the image into four unique outputs (you can actually have less than four if you want).

This is similar to the TripleHead2Go that we’ve featured in the past, but it takes it one step further. With the Datapath X4, you have the ability to control which pixels go to which output. This allows a wealth of various applications and uses, expanding the possibilities of multiscreen video during a live event. Interested in purchasing? Drop us a line at
It supports either single or dual link DVI, allowing for unprecedented resolutions and works with almost any live event video software because your computer thinks it’s one output, not four. This is great when doing digital signage, creating a live event video staging design or just wanting to have five computer screens in front of you when you work.

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Best part of this box is that the settings are self contained. Meaning, you don’t have to always have it hooked up to the network or your computer (via usb) to keep it’s EDID (or resolution) settings.

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We at TripleWide Media want to help invest in the world of Live Events. Make sure to check out our content library to find the best stock media and video content available to any live event setting.

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