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Hopefully you’ve been enjoying our series on Live Event Tools for your workbox. Today I want to share one of the first tools that I was gifted from a friend. I started in the lighting world, and there’s nothing more frustrating when working on an Ellipsoidal  (or leko) light and having to change your C-Wrench sizing every single time you adjust a new angle.

Altman Wrench & Live Event Lighting Multitool.

Live Events Lighting Multitool

The best part of this tool is the fact that it is already pre sized for every element on an Altman lighting fixture. No need to fumble around to get the right size on your wrench, just grab this little guy and go. Over the years this little gem has saved me hours focusing lights. You can find this online for less than $20. Worth it’s weight in gold.

We at TripleWide Media are dedicated to helping live events however we can. We’ve got a large library of stock media and video content to help make your live event setting look spectacular.  Also make sure to check out the rest of the items in the Live Events Toolbox.

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