LED Stripe Tape: Tribe Talk Episode 2

Welcome back to Tribe Talk! Today, we’re  back with Jason Dyba and Nicholas Rivero to discuss LED Strip Tape.


Video Recap – LED Strip Tape:

Topic: LED Strip Tape

Host: Luke McElroy – Founder, TripleWide Media

Guests: Nicholas Rivero (nicholasrivero.com) touring professional (purveyor of video awesomeness. Toured with acts such as Taylor Swift, Mumford and Sons, Hillsong, Passion Conferences etc.) and Jason Dyba (jasondyba.com) Creative Director – Long Hollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville, TN, songwriter, and much more.

 This week, we wanted to tackle this idea of DIY. There’s a lot of DIY projects going around and one of the things that’s most interesting and why we have this colored tape near us is LED Strip Tape. So Nick, where did this idea come from?

Nick’s a really big fan of this. LED Strip Tape is becoming a more affordable option to be able to do some very cool things. This technology was out of grasp and out of reach, and finally you can buy LED Strip Tape in 15 foot rolls and do pretty much anything using the LED Strip Tape. Poeple are making everything from Halloween costumes to set designs.

Jason has used it in his environments, actually starting to use it just this year as it’s finally come into the realm of where they could afford the LED Strip Tape. The church started a series called, “What is Love, Baby Don’t Hurt Me.” Using the LED strip tape to bring this retro throwback feel (Jason wanted neon, but neon is super expensive considering they have a 70′ wide stage.) They were able to use the LED strip Tape as an alternative to neon and were able to shape it all how they wanted and needed it to look and feel. Taking 2×4’s to make triangles and painting them white, they then took LED Stipe Tape to outline the shapes for the set design. It was far easier than they expected. They did do a bit of research to understand the mechanics and specifics, but it wasn’t overwhelming to grasp. It’s within the realm that really anyone can use LED Strip Tape.

Nick’s done a lot of research on the LED Strip Tape technology. To get started, one of the places that he got started was a tutorial online called Mad Light, from a group of guys call MadMapper. They basically walk through the process.

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So there are a couple different types of LED Strip Tape. The biggest option to choose is analog versus digital. In the video, we have analog LED Strip Tape. This is RGB tape. With analog, the entire strip is one color. This roll is about $20-$30 these days. We’re using a 50/50 LED which tells you the size and distance between each LED. This again is analog tape.

There is digital LED Strip Tape which allows for every pixel to be mapped to a completely different color. Basically how we build an LED wall. Analog LED Strip Tape is a great place to get started as it’s a bit simpler and easier to work with. If you search for 50/50 LED Strip Tape. Additionally, we have a small controller, about $20. This controller can set the tape to different colors. It also works via DMX, which is what lighting consoles use.

A couple years ago, at the Salt Conference, you used video content, a lot of VJ content you see on the site to drive the pixels on the LED Strip Tape. This is called pixel mapping. Pixel mapping can take clips of video data and translate them into DMX so you can turn them on and off and change colors, etc.

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Now, Nick also used this technology at his wedding. Using 60 mason jars, he turned each mason jar into individually controllable RGB pixels.


Thanks for joining us today. More to come so stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook!

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