This was a pretty cool look was for the song “Worthy“. We wanted to create a “live lyrics” or sort of a animated lyrics effect. But the truth of the matter is we didn’t have time to have an editor sit in front of After Effects to create all these cool concepts. So we came up with this idea for the song “Worthy”  to basically have ProPresenter create massive fonts or massive text on screen and use that as a living mask inside Resolume to put content underneath.

So if you look at the screen you’ll see that basically you have all these words that are just coming in and they have a slight animation to them based on ProPresenter. And they’re just coming in as white. Well we can take that as an input now into Resolume as an I can actually use it as a key to create an effect like this.

So how are we doing that exactly?

Over here in Resolume basically I have my input right here which is buslink one. You’ll see if that’s coming in on buslink one over here, that’s basically the graphics and I routed that using my panel, right here of the switcher. Once that comes in I’m setting my filter to mask. Once I’m at that mask then anything I put on create a literal mask for everything that’s underneath it. So you’ll see down here I can just be clicking on anything in this layer and it changes what’s being processed through my output.

Now there’s a moment in the song where we wanted it so that the key word Jesus basically turned to white. So I have this on a separate layer that actually I can come and use my fader here and I’ll have to do is fade this up and it now takes whatever is on screen and makes it white. In a hit of a moment I can take that back down and I’m back to color so I basically have intensity control right here of the whole thing. So that was just one little idea we did during “Worthy.”

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