It’s Environmental Projection Week!


A big part of the multiscreen community are churches, event producers, and other creatives setting up, or in some cases, permanently installing Environmental Projection.

This week is all about Environmental Projection (affectionately referred to as EP!) We are going to feature some amazing EP productions from great production companies. Some industry experts will teach you about true projector brightness  and the art and science of imagery. And of course, we’ll  feature some great pieces to use when you run EP.


Environmental Projection Week Rundown



Post #1 – Art Gallery Projection Mapping

For today’s Monday Mapping feature, we’re taking a bit of a spin on our usual projection mapping features and taking a look behind the scenes at one of the most in depth projection mapping examples we’ve ever seen.



Post #2 – The Science of Environmental Projection

We’ve talked numerous times on the blog on the how to’s and the why not’s when it comes to Environmental Projection. We’ve talked about the downfalls and the setups. But we’ve never taken the time to really dive into the science on why an environment matters.


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Post #3 – The True Brightness of Projectors

When helping churches implement Environmental Projection, the biggest question we solve is “How bright of a projector does my church need?”



Post #4 – The Right Environmental Projection Image

The power in environmental projection imagery isn’t just in finding a subject matter that connects, it’s also about finding one where speed, texture, color and emotion are in line with the story you’re wanting to tell.




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