Intentionality: Tribe Talk Episode 3

Welcome back to our 3rd Tribe Talk episode. Today, Luke McElroy, Jason Dyba, and Nicholas Rivero discuss intentionality and how it comes into play when planning, dreaming, and executing live events and multiscreen productions.

Video Recap – Intentionality:

Topic: Intentionality

Host: Luke McElroy – Founder, TripleWide Media

Guests: Nicholas Rivero ( touring professional (purveyor of video awesomeness. Toured with acts such as Taylor Swift, Mumford and Sons, Hillsong, Passion Conferences etc.) and Jason Dyba ( Creative Director – Long Hollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville, TN, songwriter, and much more.

Luke: Welcome back to Transform Christmas, Tribe Talk. I’m back here with Nick and Jason. I’ve been thinking a lot about our conversation on creativity and inspiration. I started thinking about how you take that conversation one step further and how we can be a whole lot more intentional with the elements that we’re a part of.

So, I want to throw this to both of you. Jason, you are in an environment where you’re dealing with services and every week you’re having to put something together. What do you think one thing is you and your team have been striving to be more intentional about lately?

Jason: One of the things is, you know, we’re always telling a story of some sort, we’re telling the gospel story, we’re telling different parts of the story. One of the things is that we don’t want to be afraid of conflict or tension. That’s usually the thing that when something gets cut, or you want to rush through it, that’s the thing that people miss. But really, that’s what is the great setup for the solution. That’s what gives people a sense of longing for it. Think about your favorite movies that you see, even something like a kid’s movie, like Toy Story 3 where at the end they’re all about to get burned…it’s crazy how much tension gets built up in a kids movie. Not only so that the hero can not only face a problem but really come to the end of themselves and then find the solution that you were longing for all that time.

I even think about the song Amazing Grace. The people who really understand the first line are the ones that really understand the second line. How important that, kind of conflict is in playing towards the realization of the satisfaction and happiness and holiness in our lives.

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Luke:  So being able to live in tension means being ok with some awkward moments, if they’re strategic.

Jason: Yeah, you don’t want to write those out; those are important. Give people some time to wrestle with some questions.

Luke: So Nick, kind of changing gears here, you’re in a technology world a lot. Touring acts and bigger events that may be repetitive. You’re in many times a situation where every week, every night is the same thing. How do you guys play into intentionality in the world you’re in? How do we play into, from the technological standpoint, being more intentional?

Nick: I think the summary in my mind is really with technology, just because you have something at your grasp doesn’t mean you use it. Even if you go to these large concerts and you see, you know, everything from a Broadway show to a concert. They don’t use everything all the time. They don’t use all the lights all the time; they don’t use all the props all the time.

Luke: This idea of a gimmick. It may be used for for just a couple of seconds, right?

Nick: Right, there’s tours that I’ve been on that there are entire carts of props that have been used just for half a song or something. Which, in my mind, it all speaks intentionality. You use all these things as tools. All these things are pieces to the puzzle. One piece by itself might not seem like much to the grand scheme, but once you step away from it, that’s what puts the whole picture together. For me, an example is that we just did an event a couple of weeks ago and had basically 8 projectors; 20,000 lumen projectors. Large projectors. And over a course of a 3-day conference we only used all 8 projectors for only about 10-minutes of a three day event.

That’s hard, because a lot of people say “I have all this projection; I have all this technology you know…we need to be using it” and I really think the opposite. When you plan those key moments and you do those things, those are the things that people walk away and remember. Those are the things that they step away going “oh, I remember that one time when we saw everything light up with projection.” It really sticks.

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Luke: Where as, if the projection was used the entire time, it wouldn’t have nearly the impact. Jason, you talk about this a lot; we’ve talked about some of the different creative elements you’ve done at Long Hollow where you try and not do too many of the same style creative elements back-to-back. I think about the creation event you guys did with massive projection and you had colored orbs flying up from the ground. The fact that the only way that you were really able to make an impact was the fact that you’d never really done anything like that.

Jason: That’s right. Even after that event, the next thing we did was the complete opposite. People want that again, but what surprises them is when you give them something different the next time around. The event that we did right after the creation event was actually stripped down; very dark, very quiet. So you had creation was huge and then the next one was about the flood of the earth. A much more dismal story than creation. Has a good ending, but was pretty rough on the front end. To affirm what Nick was saying, it’s really about a balance of what you have. Don’t use everything at once. Don’t just keep using the same thing over and over again. Allow each thing to be a tool in the larger story that you’re trying to tell.

Luke: That goes so much into what we’re trying to tell here on Transform Christmas. This idea that our heartbeat at TripleWide Media is to help you transform your space or your environment so that transformation may happen in your community or your events. Being intentional is such a key piece to this. That’s a good thing to take back to your team. Begin having conversations in your own environments; your own community of how you guys can be more intentional. These are just two easy ways to be intentional.

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