Integrating Multiscreen this Christmas

Integrating Multiscreen This Christmas | TripleWide Media

Veteran Technical Director and CCI Solutions Church Relations Director, Duke DeJong shares his thoughts on Integrating Multiscreen This Christmas.

Integrating Multiscreen this Christmas

I love stages that utilize multi-screen setups. They don’t make sense for everyone, but since I did my first multi-screen stage in the mid-2000’s I’ve always loved the opportunity to share a multi-screen approach with the right church. But there are some specific times where I think a multi-screen approach makes sense and I’m thankful for the opportunity from Triple Wide Media to share some of those reasons and examples of projects where we’ve deployed it.

In fact there are three strategic times where a multi-screen approach can create an amazing, engaging environment.


When You Want To Make A Visual Statement

First Assembly

Nearly 8 years ago I designed my first triple wide setup for a youth conference my church was hosting. The youth pastor wanted the stage to be big and bold, so with almost 200’ of truss and three screens we created a powerfully visual stage. For worship the three screen set up used with motion backdrops delivered worship lyrics and created the color pallet for the stage which we then matched with the 36 LED fixtures we hung from the truss. For the speaking times, an amazing triple wide conference graphic served as the backdrop for the stage. The result was an incredibly dynamic backdrop that wowed both the conference organizers and attendees.

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When You’re Limited With Height

catalina_7341 (1)

At Catalina Church in Tucson, AZ, they had a common challenge with a unique twist. Their stage was flanked on both sides with screens, but they were too wide to be effective for most of the room. But the additional challenge was their stage had a very low ceiling, so moving to a center screen wouldn’t work either because of the lack of available height. With a need to bring their content more central, we opted to approach their projection using three 5’ tall by 8’ wide screens creating a short but wide canvas to deliver lyrics, message notes and provide a canvas for a great visual stage element.


Where Environmental Projection Isn’t Effective


This year we worked with First Baptist Church in Rogers, AR on renovating their old worship space to become a multi-site venue. In their new facility environmental projection is used to provide a dynamic backdrop, and they had a desire to do something similar in this newly renovated space. The challenge was that the architecture of the space wasn’t conducive to environmental projection, so we gave them a large canvas of three screens to use to create that visual backdrop. While the results are a little different than a full EP setup, the church has been thrilled with the results.

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I hope you can see how a three screen approach can help you create a dynamic, visually engaging stage with these examples from my years of serving churches. Whether you’re trying to make a significant visual statement, are strapped for height or are searching for an environmental projection alternative, a triple wide screen set up is simple to do and is visually powerful.


 About Duke DeJong

A technical artist, trainer, collaborator, system and scenic designer, Duke DeJong has a passion to serve churches and help them be effective in their community.  He has over 15 years of experience in church tech and nearly 12 in various ministry roles, most as a technical and creative leader.

Duke lives in Olympia, Washington with his wife and two kids and serves as the Church Relations Director for CCI Solutions, a design/build, equipment and media company which specializes in high performance sound, video and lighting systems for performance spaces.   If you would like more information about how Duke or CCI Solutions can serve you, please visit



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