Integrating Graphics Across All Mediums


Integrating Graphics Across all Mediums

A critical component of any strong company is brand recognition. When you think of the most well known brands such as Apple, Coke, or The Home Depot, you see consistency in their message, strategy, and most importantly, their branding.

Whether they’re running television commercials, in-store advertising, print ads, or billboards, you know these brands when you see them. Obviously they want consumers to recognize their brand. It’s basic marketing 101.

So, how does that translate to media?


Consistency Speaks

Consistency needs to go beyond simple color theory and lighting cues matched to your video elements.

Think about the types of graphics you use for your weekend services, events, or conferences. Now think about your website, bulletins, banners, and sermon graphics. Is there consistency?

The ability to speak your message clearly between mediums will create a more cohesive brand and environment. Your congregation will see your message and be able to relate more clearly with it when it’s consistent.

Avoid the Bate and Switch

It’s so easy to hire a team or graphic designer to create a killer mailer, e-blast, logo, or other marketing piece. But, what happens when those slick marketing gimmicks drive people to your event or service and what you’ve advertised doesn’t match your service?

People leave confused, frustrated, and feeling a little bit too manipulated. So, what’s the best option?

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Be who you are. Nothing more, nothing less.

I love what Jonathan Malm (Church Stage Design Ideas) had to say last year when he wrote about being who you are.

You see, the problem for the restaurant wasn’t in their promotion. It wasn’t in the quality of their product. The problem was that the free sample they gave to the world didn’t represent their actual product. The Christmas meal was amazing, but it was completely different than their usual fare.

How many times do churches do this same thing? They know Christmas is a huge time where people visit churches. So they craft a super special Christmas service that’s completely different from their normal ones. They promote the heck out of the Christmas services. Tons of people flow in through their doors for the event. But nobody shows up after the event because they all know that’s not what the service is normally like.

They wasted this opportunity to give people a real sample of their food. What should they have done instead?

Let’s look back at the fast food restaurant. They should have given people samples of their real food. Yes, they should have made sure everything was on point, but it should have been representative of what they normally produce.

Your brand is your brand; your church is your church; be who you are and represent yourself accurately.

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Sometimes Simple is Better

I have seen some amazing teams put together creative productions and world class events. I’ve seen those same teams running within an event structure and branding that just didn’t make sense for what they put forth. But they miss the mark with over produced, over hyped, over thought productions. When simplicity is needed, then simplicity is best. Simple graphics create mystery, intrigue and understanding of the message. Don’t over complicate it; that will allow your graphics to easily translate cross all mediums.

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