How To Be Awesome In 3 Easy Steps! Hint: Instagram

By April 26, 2013Updates & News

The purpose of this blog is to say “Guess what world? We are on Instagram!” Are you on Instagram? If you aren’t you should be. If you can look past all the “selfies” and pictures of food it’s a pretty great place… If you are on Instagram, you should follow TripleWide Media. Anyone that joins us on our Instagram adventure can expect a stream of awesome multi-screen and environmental projection pictures. There will be inspiration, ideas, and it’s a chance for our community to “show and tell” so to speak. We can all learn from each other’s ideas and creativity.

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Join Us Why Don’t You!

Instagram is just one of those things that isn’t very much fun without your friends. What i’m saying is that we want you to join us. Here’s how! Next time your done with your set-up, snap a picture and hashtag it. Not sure what hashtag means? Just put #triplewide in the caption. That way we can all enjoy each others pictures and ideas.

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Alright folks! Hope you see your pictures soon!

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