How can We Transform Your Christmas?

Lets be honest, we’ve all seen the classic “cheesy Christmas” production. But a lot of the time, there are a few reasons why the “cheesy” production happens:

  • Lack of knowledge.
    • A large scale production requires knowledge that takes years to acquire.  Many many churches simply don’t have someone in their congregation with the necessary training.
  • Lack of equipment.
    • A quality  production takes high quality equipment that is unnecessary for many churches to even own.  A medium to large scale production requires gear that isn’t practical for a Sunday to Sunday basis.
  • Lack of budget.
    • Production is expensive, and a large production just simply isn’t in the budget… But that’s not exactly true.

Here at Orange Thread Live, no budget is too large or too small.  You would be surprised what is possible in your space, for whatever budget you have to work with. We do free consultations so we can meet you, learn your vision and heartbeat behind what you want your Christmas service to look like, as well as give you some ideas for how to Transform Your Christmas.

Below is a video showing some of the people we work with every year. Take a look at what their services look like, as well as what they have to say about how we transformed their Christmas last year.

If you would like to have a consultation, and meet one of our team members, give us a call at 615-724-1502 or shoot me an email at!

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1 Purchase. 3 Sizes.

We don’t believe in you buying media that just fits one need, but rather multiple needs. That’s why at TripleWide Media, every single media purchase made on our site includes three sizes with every download. We don’t charge you extra, we just give them to you. Those three sizes are: a triplewide version, a doublewide version AND on top of that a singlewide version.

There’s two benefits to this:

1. You don’t have to buy media twice for two different applications. if you are doing a triplewide in your main event space or worship center, but you also have a room that only is doing single wide… we’ve got you covered.

2. You get to “future-proof” the content you purchase today by allowing you to have multiple sizes. For example, lets say your just needing “single-screen” visuals right now, but in the future you are considering environmental projection or a triple wide video wall… start buying your media in a way that builds that library now! At no extra cost.

For more on “1 Purchase, 3 Sizes” check out this post.

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Credits Don’t Expire

We have our own currency at TripleWide Media… we call it credits. We use credits so that you can put money into an account with us and have credits that last forever! That’s right. You can purchase 120 credits today for next year’s Christmas and never worry about them loosing value or disappearing form their account.

Keep your account active and your credits stay right where you left them! Just log in to keep your account active.

Media Never Expires

Along with your credits never expiring, you will always have a cloud backup of everything you buy on TripleWide Media. When you purchase a still image, motion, stock footage or a countdown from us, the media will show up in your “my media” folder immediately. From there you will be able to download the resolution you want, when you want it. Forever.

Don’t be misled by “disappearing” downloads… that doesn’t happen on TripleWide Media.
That is just a few reasons why we think TripleWide Media is the leader in stock media, motion backgrounds, video loops, still images and more.


Taylor Valarik

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Taylor is the Head of Live Events for Orange Thread Live. He is a rock star in working with churches, event producers, and facility managers to create environments that people talk about for years to come.

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