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I got the idea from one of our guys at church. He had seen a tutorial and thought someone could do that for one of the services. I didn’t think that much about until our student fall retreat was approaching.

The band that was leading the services for that weekend had played the previous year and would be leading some of their original songs. These were songs that we had continued to play in worship services throughout the year.

With that being the case, I began to think how could I do something different for these songs that would bring a freshness and a visual pleasing experience to them? I then remembered the hand drawn lyrics tutorial I had seen. So I watched again for some guidelines to follow and then proceeded to draw out the lyrics.

This was a bit cumbersome at first, I’m left-handed so each time I would move to the next slide to draw, my hand would drag across the ink and smear it. Felt like school days all over again with ink or pencil all over the side of my hand. Once I got the gist of drawing each slide, and taking my time, it wasn’t too bad.

How could I do something different for these songs that would bring a freshness and a visual pleasing experience to them?

After drawing out each slide box, I then had the sheet scanned in. The scanning allowed for the importing into Illustrator. This was a new adventure for me. I had seen the program in action as I had watched my wife use the program for real estate marketing designs, but I had never used it. So referring back to the tutorial for a few more guidelines, and with the help of my lovely wife, I started the process of getting each drawing, for each slide, traced in and cleaned up, in Illustrator. I did not do too much clean up on the actual drawings because I did want to keep that raw look to it and not look to formal. I also corrected some alignment as I tend to trail off when drawing or writing without lines.

Once all the slides (text boxes) were cleaned up and sized accordingly, they were saved as individual PNG files so that they could be imported into ProPresenter. After importing, each slide was then sized appropriately for the screen.

Hand Drawn Lyrics on Media


They were a hit. It accomplished what it was meant to do, bring a new visual to the song, even the band was excited to see them. Being that it was their song, they asked if they could use them for when they traveled and played the song again.

I was ecstatic. Something that I poured so much time and effort in to making them look presentable with my scribble was acknowledged and asked to be used.  With the lyrics displayed on content from TripleWide Media, it provided an additional emphasis on what the drawing was portraying and some more meaning to what was being sung.

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