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A few weeks ago I got an email from one of our community members with some pictures. They were incredible. So I asked him if he would share some of the details of their setup so we could share them here. Here’s what he sent over! Thanks Ryan for sharing.


This was taken last week at Teen Week, a yearly youth camp at Tuscarora Conference Center in Mt.Bethel, PA. I serve as production manager for the camp. I work for a private Christian school in Minnesota and our school contracts with the camp to handle sound, lighting and video.

The triple-wide video screen was run from a MacBook Pro using ProPresenter 4 with the edge-blending module. I have an older DVI version of the triplehead2go, so I have to use an intermediary adapter to get dual-link DVI out of the mini-display port on the MBP. I only mention this because I have heard from some that it is not possible to use the DVI triplehead with DisplayPort MacBook Pros, which isn’t true.

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The screen surface itself is stretched Trapeze Plus fabric from Dazian. It is held to the truss with plastic tarp clamps (about 1 every foot). I used 3 Benq 3,000 lumen short-throw projectors for approximately a 7′ x 26′ projection area. Each projector was driven at 800×600. With the blend, the total pixel area was 2200×600. I have experimented with driving at 1024×768, but find that pushing those extra pixels delivers no perceptible difference for the audience. We were not doing IMAG, so there were no other signal processors other than the triple head.

The single-wide side screens were driven with a second MacBook Pro running Pro4. These screens were operated independent of the main screen and sometimes would display the single wide version of the same background or another complimentary background. Short-throw projectors were also used for the side screens, and the screen surface was translucent coroplast plastic panels.

Ryan used a lot of TripleWide Media content during this event if you can’t tell. We have put below a list of some of the media he used in the event you like some of what you see here! Well done Ryan!

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Media Used: 
Light Wall Bundle by Church Motion Graphics.
Thread by Overflow Media Group.
Motion Blocks by Kreativity
Chromaspheres 03 by Centerline New Media
Quarry by Overflow Media Group
Intimate Lights by Church Motion Graphics
Plaid Galaxy by Igniter Media

If you have any pictures from an event you have done, let us know! We would love to share it with the community.

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