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For today’s Monday Mapping feature, we’re taking a bit of a spin on our usual projection mapping features and taking a look behind the scenes at one of the most in depth projection mapping examples we’ve ever seen.



To say that the setup and projection mapping was intricate is a bit of an understatement. Using a combination of proprietary technology, multiscreen processors, and powerhouse computing, they were able to create one massive image to project across the entire room. The result was nearly a 60:1 aspect ratio. Remember that our triple-wide pieces are 4:1 ratio.



As you can see from the image above, the mapping had to be exact.

We’ve written a lot on how EP is like paint on the walls. Think about what you could paint with this setup. Imagine hosting a fundraiser and sharing the story all night across the entirety of the room, instead of the two screen setup at a seated event.

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When it all came together, the countless hours of planning, design, and implementation created something truly remarkable. Sure, you might not have the budget, technology, and resources to create this elaborate of a setup, but think about what you can do with environmental projection to transform your environment.



Gear List

  • Projectors – 52 Casio Short Throw’s
  • Datapath X4’s – 14
  • Graphics Card – (2) Nvidia Quadro K6000
  • Cable – over 5900 feet
  • Trussing/Rigging


Here’s the video!


If you’re interested in diving in deeper to the specifics, check out the article from Front Pictures.

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