Feature Friday – Night of Worship

Feature Friday // Crafting a Night of Worship

Feature Friday | Night of Worship

There is always a unique challenge in figuring out how to engage youth in worship. Never before has a generation been as impacted by media in nearly every facet of their lives. From Snapchat and Facebook, to Netflix and Hulu, to computers in the classroom and screens everywhere they go, teens are constantly bombarded with visuals.

How can we as worship leaders, technical producers, or youth ministers engage this young generation in meaningful and relevant ways? Your choices in media must enhance the story you’re trying to tell. We talked about message over media before and specifically how your media, videos, visuals, etc. have to line up with the story being told.

Being intentional doesn’t mean everything has to be deep, serious, somber. Being intentional means you purposefully take your youth on a spiritual journey that enhances the message you’re telling. Use high energy motions with a club feel to get folks excited. There’s nothing wrong with energy in worship! Use stills, sacred images and motions, subtle textures, or cathedrals to create a sense of wonder when you take things deep.

Being intentional means you purposefully take your youth on a spiritual journey that enhances the message you’re telling.

Remember, it’s a journey. Many times the folks in your youth group, church, or night of worship come in without being ready for what’s about to happen. Be ready to walk them through the journey; tell the story and use visuals to bring them in.

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Here are a  few examples of visuals you could go with to craft a great night of worship. Just remember that color, speed, and content matter. These may not work for your particular event so dig into the content or let us know a specific idea you’re shooting for and we’ll do our best to help you find that perfect piece of content.

6 Stage Lights | TripleWide Media

Sacred Cathedral 1 | TripleWide Media

Sacred Cross 2 | TripleWide Media

Flowmotion Passion | TripleWide Media

Texture Canvas - Orange | TripleWide Media

Wooden Planks 2 | TripleWide Media

Sacred Pano 046 | TripleWide Media

Candles 1 | TripleWide Media

Vertical Light Wall | TripleWide Media

Just remember, color is important. If you’re using a more advanced presentation software, you’ll be able to find the clip you want and adjust the color as necessary to match the environment. Just be cautious changing color on footage or pictures versus more abstract elements.

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