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We have talked a lot about immersive environments this Christmas season. Detailing out tips, ideas, and best practices for creating truly immersive indoor environments has shown us how to practically create immersive environments. For many of you, this is nothing new. For some, it’s a whole new idea to have projection in your environment. Here at TripleWide Media, we want to inspire you to go beyond what you’ve thought about doing in the past; to break open the box and see what could be.

So, how do you go to the next level? What more can be done? How can we expand beyond our current capacity? Well, how about taking your production one step further and immersing your audience in the story the moment they arrive at your facility.

Garden of Eden Garden of Eden

There’s probably some of you thinking that you’re not ready for this. And maybe you’re not. That’s ok! Trust me. We are much bigger proponents of doing what you do with excellence instead of trying to move beyond your abilities and having to watch everything crash and burn. I’ve had the great privilege of living in Nashville, TN for the last ten years. Its a great town with a lot of amazing attractions. However, when it comes to creating an immersive environment from the moment you step on the property, I don’t think many places do it better then the Gaylord Opryland hotel.


Located just North of town, this is a massive hotel. They put forth a tremendous amount of time, effort, and resources each Christmas season transforming the hotel into an incredible Christmas oasis. For years, they’ve not only decked the halls on the inside of this hotel, but they transform the main entryway of the property. They chronicle the journey that Mary and Joseph took leading up the the birth of Christ. Intermingled with dazzling displays of lights, ornaments, and Christmas trees, the hotel has told a story and transformed your world into the experience they want you to have ; even before you set foot in the door. It allows you to leave the world you’re in and puts you into the story.

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pic2Of course, your budget may be a bit smaller. Maybe you’ve got a spare projector from a classroom or a recent renovation. Try using it or any other tools or resources you have to add ambiance and atmosphere to your building or entryway. Got any extra lights? Simple outdoor or entryway lighting can highlight the importance of the night and engage your audience the moment they arrive.


Maybe you don’t have control over the outside of your building. You might rent a space or maybe you are in a building that has strict zoning laws and  doing anything outside is out of the question. Defeated? No, of course not. What about your lobby space? Lobbies are great places to immerse your audience into a story. Transforming your lobby space to be part of your event or service can take your audience by surprise and instantly grab their attention. The idea is to simply think outside the box. Think outside the four walls of your room, your sanctuary, or your venue and imagine what it would look like to immerse your audience into the story before they step foot into the main room.

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Whatever you do this Christmas season, think about the story you’re trying to tell. Think about what elements you can use in traditional and non-traditional manners to transform your audience and create a 360 degree immersive environment. Take people some place new. Turn their world upside down. Give them a truly transformative experience that they will remember for a lifetime.


All of us here at TripleWide Media we want to help with the planning of your Christmas events and show you the power of environmental projection.

That’s why we’re doing Transform Your Christmas all month long. With video contentprojection technologymultiscreen processors and a bit of creativity, it’s never been easier to transform your events into spectacular gatherings. Our hope is that you get to connect people… impact lives and spread some holiday joy.

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