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Wasn’t last week cool? We announced our Transform Christmas campaign, shared a video of how to make it snow indoors, gave you a HUGE discount on one of Playback Media’s newest motion and inspired you with some Christmas Architectural Projection. Would you believe us if we said that this whole Transforming Christmas thing was just getting underway?

Today we have something really special to share with you… Another way to inspire you and your ministry to think about how you can create an experience with the tools and resources at your disposal. This video inspired me to take something that has a lot of detail, say the outside of your building, maybe a wall in your lobby or your worship space itself and add some really cool christmas textures to it.

When I want true inspiration, I always turn to Disney. They’ve outdone themselves this time…

The following video is from the 2010 It’s A Small World ride. Every year Disney World re-decorates the ride to have a holiday theme… but this time they used projection and killer content. Take a look…


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