Environmental Projection for Christmas



Environmental Projection for Christmas

Environmental Projection for Christmas is a hot topic this season. Whether you’re in a sanctuary that seats 300 or 3,000 Environmental Projection could easily work in your space.


What is Environmental Projection for Christmas?

Environmental Projection is the concept of projecting imagery onto your walls, doors, ceiling, stage, etc. It is creating an immersive environment that bridges the gap between the stage and the congregation.

Environmental Projection for Christmas enables you to bring your audience into the Christmas story. Place them in the town of Bethlehem as you walk through the night of Jesus’ birth. Create a candlelight sea with candles projected around your sanctuary as you sing Silent Night.


How do you setup Environmental Projection for Christmas?

We have a ton of resources on setting up Environmental Projection, including the 4 Ingredients, The 5th Ingredient, and The Wide Guide.

Setting up Environmental Projection for Christmas this year is going to take some time, but be well worth the effort. Start with these 4 items.

1. Software – You’ll need a software such as ProPresenter or ProVideo Player 2 to take the imagery from your computer and send it to your projectors. There are tons of software choices depending on budget and goals. Be sure to determine what you want to accomplish before making your software choice.

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2. Projection – while a 40k HD projector would be a great choice in pretty much any setting, it’s just not a viable option for most. Your sanctuary or auditorium will require different projectors from the church down the street. Size of your room, ambient light, lighting control, wall color, and textures of your walls all play a role in choosing the right projectors.

3. Processor – between your software choice and your projectors you’re going to need some outboard processors that can manipulate the images you’re sending from your computer to the projectors to ensure that the right part of the image goes to the right projector. We usually go with a TripleHead2Go or a DataPath x4.

4. Content – there are thousands of choices for content right here at TripleWide Media. From Nativity and Bethlehem motions to stars, snow, abstract shapes, are countdowns, your Christmas service will come alive with the right content. Take time to curate what you need for your Environmental Projection for Christmas. The time and effort is worth it to make it just right.

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Finally, there is a 5th item to consider, education and training. Spend time reading blogs on EP, consulting the experts, and budgeting well. You’ll want to do your homework before making an investment in EP. Consider renting as an option for your first year and bring in a team to help you execute it well.


What is good content to use with Environmental Projection for Christmas?

As I mentioned above, we have thousands of pieces of content on the site. From our first Curated Christmas Content post, you saw how we took abstract (non-Christmas specific) motions and used them to create a great environment for a high energy Christmas song.

Think outside the box as you curate your content. Think about the story your service will tell. Maybe you focus on the Manger scene, maybe it’s the shepherds journey, or the symbolism of the star. Find great content that works for your service.


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