Environmental Projection – An Overview


Environmental Projection – An Overview

By now, if you’ve ready many of our blogs, spent much time in church visuals, or stay up to date on the latest in projection, you have either implemented or considered adding and Environmental Projection system to your setup. Whether you’re looking to do environmental projection for a special event or as a regular piece of your stage design, there’s a lot to consider.


Today, I want to give you a brief overview of what we’e already discussed here on the blog. These are the basics of environmental projection. From everything you need to get started, to troubleshooting, to content, and overcoming common mistakes.

To begin, if you’ve never used environmental projection, there are 5 keys, or ingredients, you’ll need to have in order to get started.

5 Ingredients of Environmental Projection

We split Training and Education out in it’s own post because its (1) important and (2) often overlooked. Take the time to learn, train, and educate yourself not only on the process, but also on the science of environmental projection and how the immersive environment can affect those in attendance.


Beyond simple troubleshooting and tools you need, we’ve discussed more specifics of the right way to choose the content you will use for your event. Choosing the right content is more than just finding a great looking image or motion. We believe it takes a few steps to get the right content for environmental projection.

  • Don’t Stop at the First Clip that Works
    • Just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s the right clip. Add it to your playlist, but keep looking.
  • Make Sure it Speaks to Your Audience
    • Does the media relate to your congregation? Environmental projection should enhance your worship experience. Not detract from that experience.
  • Listen to the Music When Browsing Media
    • It’s difficult to find great media that will fit your event if you aren’t listening to the music you’ll have at the event. Make it as real as possible.
  • Curate more than you need
    • As I stated before, the first clip might not be the right clip. If you have more media than you need, then you’ll be able to quickly adjust on the fly. We always curate more media than we ever use.
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There are two final pieces of the puzzle to look at when implementing environmental projection.

  • Avoid Distractions
    • As stated above, environmental projection should enhance the experience, not detract from that experience. Environmental projection should feel like paint on the walls. It should blend in with the rest of your stage design and production elements. As much as you’re able to, match the environmental projection color pallet with that of your lighting setup. This will create a unified look and feel that will blend well together.
  • Draw People into Worship
    • Like almost no other visual element, environmental projection has the ability to immerse your congregation in the environment you’ve created. More than that, it bridges the gap between those on the stage or platform and the audience. Use these items to your advantage.


If you’re interested in Environmental Projection, let us know. We’d love to point you in the right direction to answer any questions. If you’ve already installed environmental projection, let us know about it on Facebook or Twitter.

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