Small Environmental Projection Setup

Ever thought about turning your living room into a morphing environment where your couches, paintings and walls change colors at the touch of a button? Well, someone actually did it. This is simply incredible! Take a look at this entirely white living room transformed by environmental projection mapping!

Props to Chris Rouse for tweeting the link to the Gizmodo article that covered this. I was catching up on tweets in Thailand and saw this; it was just too good not to blog!

Here’s what Gizmodo writes about this project:

This room is entirely white. What’s the fastest way to reupholster a couch, paint the walls, and otherwise totally change the look of a living room? Some 3D mapping, two projectors, and a garish color scheme were all it took to give this totally blank canvas an infinite variety of interior designs.”

I’ve been pretty intentional (thus far) about letting my house be a sanctuary from massive amounts of technology and visual stimulation. It’s a pretty simple environment. However, this definitely gets some ideas swirling. You know, I do have an all-white studio in East Nashville where this could work beautifully! Hmmmm……  🙂

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