Enhanced Media

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Enhanced Media

Enhanced Media

We have a passion for helping make live events great. Whether it’s a gathering of 50 or 15,000, TripleWide Media wants to help create and transform environments. That’s why we went HD, that’s why we refresh our Free Motions, and that’s why we help you find inspiration for your next setup.

You may have noticed some motions, stills, and countdowns that now have a new notation on them. Whether you see a blue triangle with the word “ENHANCED” or simply an “e+“, that means added value for you!

Did we mention that this is a free add-on? That’s right, FREE! More pixels, more options, more creativity!

Take a Look

Browse Trending, Recent, or Featured for Enhanced Products Click Enhanced in the Search Bar All Enhanced Products in one Place Annotations for Enhanced Products Enhanced Annotations on Details Page About Enhanced Products The Blue Triangle = Enhanced e+
Browse Trending, Recent, or Featured for Enhanced Products


Tech Specs

SD Enhanced Products

For any SD only product marked enhanced, an additional 1280*720 file is now included in purchase.

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HD Enhanced Products

For any HD product marked enhanced, you will receive an additional 1920*1080 file as part of your purchase.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to email us at questions@triplewidemedia.com and we’ll be in touch soon!

Tim Southwick

Author Tim Southwick

Tim is the Brand Manager for TripleWide Media. He has 10 years experience in the event management world and has a strong desire to see visuals and media used to increase the user experience.

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