Elevation Church “This Is My Story” Projection Mapping (#41)

Today’s Monday Mapping comes to us from the creative folks over at Elevation Church. This inspiring interactive projection mapping piece was a part of their Easter Sunday celebration. Geoff Schultz, a member of the creative team at Elevation Church, has graciously offered some insight as to how the team pulled off this feat, but before we hear from Geoff, lets have our minds blown by the video.


This project began with developing the storyline. We put together the outline of the story and then laid out how each scene would be represented based on the design of the set; an 8x8x8 environment with a bench, lampost/hat-rack & a garbage can. The storyline was given to our composer, who put together the music track and was then handed off to our choreographer. I started off by designing a template to lay over each surface as well as projecting the choreographer (previously recorded) as accurately as possible to the set. Then, it was go time. Design. Design. Design. Animate. Animate. Animate. Revise. Revise. Revise. After the final file was completed, it was delivered to our technical team, which was responsible for mapping the video through a media server at each location.”

Tech Overview

“We used a Christy Roadster 18K projector and Green Hippo HD media server. What made it possible for us to pull it off at every campus was the Region Mapper Component in the 3.2 release of the Green Hippo software. We were able to take the content and adjust it based on different projector placements at each campus. Other than that we used a Gefen DVI to HDSDI converter to get signal to the projector (only because of the specific projector we were using and because we decided to run SDI to it for video signal.)”
All content was designed in Adobe After Effects on a MacPro.


We had read that once the projector is in place, it can not be moved.  Well, we attempted to map this file at 8 different locations, which meant 8 different angles from the projector as well as 8 different lenses on the projector. The main issue we ran into in doing this was the cylindrical shape of the garbage can. Another risk was having 8 different performers, all different heights. We held rehearsals the couple days before our Easter Worship Experiences started so we could give them good feedback on how to adjust to match the already designed and animated video.

Thanks Geoff and incredible job Elevation. We post a new video every week about Projection Mapping as a part of our series called Monday Mapping. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to be the first to find out.
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  • Matthew says:

    Would have been 1000% better if he weren’t dancing like a Destiny’s Child backup dancer…

    To put it another way, I think that the dancing got in the way of the story. I couldn’t fully tell what the “story” was because this guy was randomly flailing his arms around. I thought it would have been much better if he had simply interacted with the environment instead of trying out for “So You Think You Can Dance”.


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