Elevating the EP Experience: Broken & Beautiful

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Elevating the EP Experience: Broken & Beautiful

As we prepare for major seasonal events in the church like Easter and Christmas, it can sometimes feel like the stakes rise a hundred feet high, and a loud ticking stopwatch follows you around everywhere. Suddenly the environmental projection you’ve been producing in the past six months won’t suffice for Easter. Inevitably we get this idea in our heads that each production has to be bigger, brighter, and faster; when in all actuality, that’s not necessarily true.

Regardless of what you have to compliment your EP,  the true effectiveness of the production is determined by the specificity of your story. How relatable do you make it? How will you intentionally express this vision through your EP content?  With an emphasis on these three focal points, you will be sure to create an authentic and memorable experience every single time; especially during this easter.

Creating the Story

Here at TripleWide Media you’ll hear us talk a lot about how a concrete story and message is the deal breaker for any EP setup. It can sometimes be difficult to come up with unique central themes for your events or services, so if you’re going through this, start here to brainstorm new ideas.

The good thing though with holiday’s like Easter, the message is already there. The story of redemption by the blood of Jesus Christ never ceases to have transformative power, so now your job is just to retell it. Give it a new vantage point from a new lens; not because the message needs it, but because the people need it.

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So take a moment to set aside what you already know about Easter, and get familiar with the set by step journey of Jesus Christ in places like John 19. Look for elements you haven’t noticed before. What about those elements do you want to emphasize and capture? Once you’ve chosen those parts in the story, you can use those elements/moments as reminders and reference points for picking content, choosing colored lighting, etc.

The Road to Calvary | TripleWide Media

Evaluating The Emotions

The story of the crucifixion and the resurrection is by nature an emotional experience. So don’t be afraid to get personal with your work. Reflect on what this story means to you, and what things/images come to mind when recalling the story. Whatever thoughts come from this can be used to determine whether you display a cross, a hillside, a tomb, and the list goes on. EP can take people to a place of deep reflection, and the actual motions displayed make the moment memorable, so let it do just that. When I think of the resurrection I immediately think of great big white clouds. With that automatic image, I could choose a piece of media with white clouds, and possibly choose baby blue uplighting because that shade naturally causes people to feel safe, renewed, and healed (check out which colors psychologist say bring out certain emotions).

Deep Blue Sky and Moving Clouds | TripleWide Media


Another great way to make sure you are elevating the EP experience and creating an encounter the congregation really needs to witness, is to observe the “average” Sunday services. Start asking question like, What worship songs does the congregation seem to connect with most? What have been the central themes in the sermons lately? What events have people been excited about attending in the church? Being attentive to the receptiveness of the congregation will allow you to create an atmosphere specific to their needs. This will tell you if your church really needs to meditate on the resurrection and the triumphant aspect of Jesus’s story, or if they are hungry for a message of God’s love and how road in the valley is necessary for the view at the mountain top.

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Orange Brick Road | TripleWide Media

Birthing The Vision

Creating transformative atmosphere’s isn’t an easy task, but with true planning and thinking things through, each visual and each transition can turn EP from something cool to look at, and into a life changing experience that is incomparable. Once all your thoughts and visions are in perspective, working towards the end in mind, you will need to find content that speaks to everything you just came up with. We know that it can be hard to specify what you’re looking for, so this easter don’t get peer pressured into picking unrelated content. Take a look into our specially curated Easter content series, where we’ve put together a range motions and graphics that capture every vantage point of the end of Jesus’s ministry, and the start of his church through the resurrection.

Vantage Point of Easter | TripleWide Media


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