Gear Review: Edirol Multi Screen Video Mixer

A few weeks ago our team was at National Worship Leader Conference, a great conference by the way, and got to stop by our friends at Roland/Edirol to see what new technology they have to offer and get a peak at any multi-screen technology they may be working on. My friend John Broadhead was able to show me their newest video switcher that actually does dual output and internal edge blending.

It’s called the V-1600HD and is a follow up of the V-440HD which also supported multi-screen. However in the 440, you needed multiple head units to make it happen. This switcher is the first that I have seen that has two separate outputs to allow for many different circumstances. It can be configured to do a “dual-out”  or edge blend where you would have one ultra-wide image being switched. Or you can set it up to have two separate outputs to support IMAG on one screen and graphics or PowerPoint on the other screen among many different options as well.

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Here are a few of the multi-screen applications this switcher can support:

I have not personally used this switcher, and honestly don’t know a whole lot about the pricing of one of these guys either. I do know that edirol has always made very reliable products and have no doubt that the 1600 will live up to that reputation. One of the impressive things about this switcher is that it has the ability to take any input in. For those tech geeks, that means no more scalers, A-to-D converters or other TBC’s. You also don’t have to spend a ton of money buying specific input cards… it’s all included. From what I can tell… it’s the first switcher that the stock model comes with the number of varying input options.

You can take your High Definition SDI input and switch between it and your Standard Definition DVD player without purchasing any additional switching hardware, convertors of adaptors. It’s ready to go. See the diagram below for more details:

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For more information on the Edirol V-1600HD, feel free to jump over to the product page on Roland’s Website here. There’s a lot more you can do with this switcher, but we wanted to highlight the simple fact that it’s one of the first multi-format, multi-screen video switcher that could technically do a double wide edge blend.

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